Frequently Asked Questions

Creating an account
Q. How do I sign up to iwi?
Follow these simple steps: Download the iwi app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store. Alternatively, use it on the web at Create an account, quickly and easily but filling out a couple of questions. And your in! That's it. Enjoy!
Q. Do I need to verify my identity?
Once you register to become a seller you will be asked to verify your identity. This should take no longer than 30 seconds. This consists of a small one time payment of £1.80.
Q. Is there a minimum age to sign up?
We allow 16 yr + to sign-up to iwi.
Q. How to publish my rates?
Go to ‘Edit Profile’ in the Menu bar, complete the ‘Seller’s Information’ section, add the service you want to offer, add your rates and availability.
Q. Do I need special skills to sign-up for a service?
No, but there are certain jobs or services that require special skills. Those that require special certifications will have a “C” symbol in front of them. You will be required to upload a certificate for these jobs. This certificate will be checked, if approved the certificate will show on your profile.
Account management
Q. How do I verify my account?
Once you have signed up, an OTP will be sent to your phone to verify your account. Once you input the unique code you will be able to access iwi. You will be asked to verify your email address once you have signed in, but you can do this at any time.
Q. Can I switch off email notifications?
Yes, you can do so by going to the settings menu.
Q. How can I change my availability?
Open your “Profile”, scroll down to the calendar and select or deselect days you can work.
Q. Can I delete my profile?
Yes, there is an option in iwi to delete your account. Go to settings and click delete you account. This process is irreversible.
Q. Can I suspend my profile temporarily?
Yes, there is an option in the settings to suspend your account.
Q. Is there a charge when I make a payment?
We provide an option to pay by Stripe (card), a secure payment method. Stripe is free to set up and charges a small translation fee, this will go to Stripe and is external to iwi. It is not mandatory to use Stripe.
Q. Do I pay tax on my income earned from iwi?
It is the responsibility of the sellers to complete, report and pay taxes. You should report the income via your normal tax process, and follow UK law and regulations. Please take advice from an accountant if you need to. For more information please check the government website.
Q. Can I send an invoice?
Invoices are not required for payment, as the sale is recorded on the iwi system. We do not provide the ability to send an invoice from the system, something we will develop going forwards. For now, if required, please create your own invoices.
Q. When should I pay?
You can pay the seller at any point of time, whether this is before or after the job is complete. We do not have a limit to this, this should be agreed between the buyer and the seller.
Q. When will I get paid?
This is agreed upon between the buyer and the seller. If you wish to get an advance payment, simply message the buyer and agree. Don't start work if the advance has not been paid.
Q. Can I pay in chunks?
Yes, the system allows you to pay in chunks and shows the remaining balance payable.
What are the benefits of being verified?
As a verified freelancer, you get a green checkmark next to your name. This signals to employers that your profile is genuine . As a supplement to all the other great work you’re doing, this feature helps boost your authority and reputation, as well as of
Q. Do I have to pay a subscription to join?
No, iwi is free to join and always will be.
Q. Does iwi deduct or add a commission on the price of a job?
Iwi does not charge a commission, you keep 100% of what you earn.
Q. Can I use iwi to buy and sell services?
iwi is a platform for both buyers, and sellers. If you have registered to only buy services, you can go to ‘Edit Profile’ and become a seller. Simply complete your ID verification, add your services, complete your availability and rate per hour. You're all set to start selling your services.
Q. Is there a help desk to answer any queries?
You can use the “Contact Us” form for logging any queries. We will aim to get back to you within 24 hours.
Q. On the website, do I get a URL for my profile page?
Yes, you get a free unique URL for your profile page.
Buyer FAQs
Q. What is the minimum hourly rate on
For the UK, minimum wage applies. Depending on your age this will change in relation to the national minimum wage, please see minimum wages on the government website.
Seller FAQs
Q Where is the best place to look at the status of what I am selling/buying?
You can check the status of what you are selling or buying on the Dashboard.
Q. How will I know if I've been matched for a job?
You will get a notification that says that "you are matched for a job", however, you cannot message the user until they choose to award the job to you.
Q. How will I know if I have been awarded a job?
You will get a notification and message on iwi. You will also receive an email stating a buyer has awarded you a job.
Managing your jobs
Q. When can I start messaging another user to discuss an inquiry?
You can start communicating with the buyer once you are awarded a job.
Q. Can I turn down a job?
Yes. You can always reject a job once it has been awarded to you.
Safety and policy
Q. What happens to my data?
All data is held within’s secure cloud system. We will invite external audits annually to verify this.
Q. How to ensure your safety on iwi?
We ensure all sellers follow general safety principles: - Verify their identity when registering, and have a ID verified tick on their profile. - Jobs that require a certificate, such as a gas engineer, must upload the relevant certificate. This is then checked and verified by iwi and will show in the user's profile. - Encourage our users to use the 'Contact Us' form if they experience any inappropriate or abusive behaviour. - Users are encouraged to upload their insurance if they have it, this will be shown in a users profile. - Both buyers and sellers can leave reviews. To ensure you are hiring someone trustworthy, please use the following steps: Check the seller’s reviews Ensure they have verified their identity If in doubt, you are free to communicate with a potential seller and ask any additional questions
Q. What should you do if you’re bullied or harassed on iwi?
If you encounter any such issues, please report it using the ‘Contact Us’ form, selecting “User behaviour” as your issue. Our team will take action.
Q. What is not tolerated on iwi?
The following are not allowed on the iwi: A. Inappropriate content and images. B. Any service that is not listed on iwi. C. Help with passing exams/tests/reports online or taking them instead of another person. D. Forging documents, seals, official papers, medical certificates, etc. We reserve the right to remove any task or users without explanation.
Q. Is iwi GDPR compliant?
Yes iwi is GDPR compliant. Once you deleted your account, your account information will also be deleted.
Q. Can I give a user feedback?
A review option is available for both buyer and sellers, this will show on their profile. You can leave a review once the job has been completed.
Q. What is the ‘Bid’ feature?
The ‘Bid’ feature allows sellers to offer their services at a counter price to what the buyer has asked for. For example, if a job is listed at £40, you can ‘bid’ for the job, offering a price of £35. This increases your chances of getting awarded the job, as you are willing to do it at a more competitive rate. Although bidding for a job does not guarantee that you will be awarded the job. If you aren’t awarded the job, we will notify you at what price the job was awarded.
Q. How many times can I 'bid' on a job?
You can bid on an unlimited number of jobs.
Q. How much does it cost to 'bid' on a job?
Each bid costs £0.99.